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The Digital Seed Vault

The Digital Seed Vault is a seed stock database mainly developed for researchers in the plant sciences. It can also be used by people who handle a lot of different seeds, e.g. garden enthusiasts, seed breeders, or seed producers.


Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2010 20:29

    Release Notes: This release moves the main program code and About dialog code into a class. The program now uses a profile directory where the database is stored. The database regeneration code has been removed. Databases are now kept between sessions. The layout has been changed from the Label entry section in the samples popup windows a little. The date entry fields have been changed into a GtkCalendar. There are various small bugfixes.

    •  21 Sep 2009 20:13

      Release Notes: A script to import data from a MySQL database into an SQLite database. Tags and labels entry support. Refactoring of container classes, species classes, and samples classes. A fix for a bug that could hang the program when trying to edit a record, but no record was selected. Improved placement of data in the GtkSampleData and Samples tab. Modal windows have been fixed for adding and editing records. Checks have been added that prevent deletion of species and containers when they are in use by samples.

      •  17 Aug 2009 20:54

        Release Notes: A data area has been added with all present fields. The database code has been refactored (everything is in one class now). Species classes have been refactored. Tags and labels support has been added to the database. Tags and labels are now listed in the data area. The status bar displays information about menu entries. A self-extracting archive for MS Windows users is now available.

        •  12 Jul 2009 20:16

          Release Notes: Data validation checks for adding and editing species. Data validation checks for adding and editing containers. Data validation checks for adding samples. A description field has been added for samples. Lists of species, containers and samples have now scrollbars when the list will overflow. This release adds a placeholder area and has a connected placeholder function for the data area in the samples tab.

          •  28 Jun 2009 21:29

            Release Notes: The program now just runs on the desktop with a nice PHP-GTK GUI, and uses an SQLite file-based database as a backend.


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