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Release Notes: The FAQ explanation concerning garbage collection has been improved. Several manual chapters have been improved. Operations to get an array slice with a specified length have been added to array.s7i and idxarray.s7i. Array aggregates with a start index have been added to idxarray.s7i. Functions for binomial coefficient and modular exponentiation have been added to bigint.s7i. The functions min and max have been added to integer.s7i and float.s7i. A standard bitmap font, with capital height of 9, has been defined in stdfont9.s7i. The Comanche Web server has been improved to accept cookies.

Release Notes: A chapter which explains the foreign function interface has been added to the manual. Syntax descriptions, code examples, and tables in the HTML version of the manual have been improved. Documentation comments have been added to the file "striutl.c". A description of several C preprocessor macros used in "version.h" has been added to the file "src/read_me.txt".

Release Notes: The manual was improved to contain more links and to use more coloring. Parameter names were added to function definitions in the libraries array.s7i, integer.s7i, bigint.s7i, float.s7i, keybd.s7i, bitsetof.s7i, idxarray.s7i, boolean.s7i, hashsetof.s7i, socket.s7i, char.s7i, file.s7i, bitset.s7i, poll.s7i, sockbase.s7i, and string.s7i . Documentation comments were improved in several libraries. The new libraries bstring.s7i and category.s7i were added. The contents of these libraries were extracted from the progs.s7i library. The interpreter and compiler were improved to explain the option -?.

Release Notes: The FAQ and manual have been improved to contain more links. The FAQ answer, which explains abstract data types, has been improved. The type "PRIMITIVE_FILE" has been renamed "clib_file". Documentation comments have been improved in various libraries. Declarations have been moved from "enable_io.s7i" to "enable_input.s7i" and "enable_output.s7i". Declarations have been moved from "external_file.s7i" to "clib_file.s7i". The compiler has been improved to accept a Windows path. The example program "make7.sd7" has been improved to support new commands. The program "toutf8.sd7" and the library "charsets.s7i" have been improved.

Release Notes: The FAQ, manual, and Seed7 home page were improved to contain more links. Documentation comments were added or improved in several files. The speed of the bigInteger operator 'parse' was improved by a factor of 9. The factorial operator was added to "bigint.s7i". A for-until-loop for 'bitset' was added to "seed7_05.s7i". Tests for the 'parse' operator and the function 'compare' were added. The compiler was improved to generate better inline code for set membership. The example program "make7.sd7" was improved. Several libraries were improved to use 'in' parameters instead of 'ref' parameters.

Release Notes: Declarations were moved from "seed7_05.s7i" to new libraries. This libraries are included from "seed7_05.s7i", so this causes no change in existing programs. Declarations were moved between some libraries. Documentation comments were added or improved in various files. The function 'read_zip_dir' was added to the "zip.s7i" library. Checks for 'length', 'tell' and 'seek' with STD_NULL were added to "chkexc.sd7". The interpreter, compiler, and runtime library were improved to support searching for a string from a given position to the left. Checks for the function 'rpos' were added to "chkstr.sd7".

Release Notes: FAQ answers, explaining that Seed7 is not a descendant of Pascal and how Seed7 uses abstract data types, were added. Documentation comments were added or improved in various files. Several new libraries were created by extracting contents from "seed7_05.s7i". The interpreter and runtime library were improved to support forward declared variables. The bigInteger 'sqrt' function was improved to return 0_ for sqrt(0_) instead of raising an exception. The logic of 'null_file' and 'socket' was changed, such that the functions 'length', 'seek', and 'tell' raise FILE_ERROR (they are not seekable).

Release Notes: Information about the lines of code in Seed7 was added to the FAQ. The FAQ answers about supported operating systems and the analyze phase of the interpreter were improved. Several spelling errors in the FAQ and in the manual were fixed. The appearance of tables in the FAQ and in the manual was improved. Variants of the function 'timAwait', which work with poll() and ppoll(), were added to "tim_unx.c". The files "makefile", "mk_linux.mak", "mk_cygw.mak", and "mk_osx.mak" were improved to select one version of 'timAwait'. Descriptions of configuration macros were added to "src/read_me.txt".


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