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Version 2013-04-21 of Seed7

Release Notes: The FAQ explanation concerning garbage collection has been improved. Several manual chapters have been improved. Operations to get an array slice with a specified length have been added to array.s7i and idxarray.s7i. Array aggregates with a start index have been added to idxarray.s7i. Functions for binomial coefficient and modular exponentiation have been added to bigint.s7i. The functions min and max have been added to integer.s7i and float.s7i. A standard bitmap font, with capital height of 9, has been defined in stdfont9.s7i. The Comanche Web server has been improved to accept cookies.

Other releases

Release Notes: The chapters in the manual about primitive actions and the foreign function interface have been improved. The names of C types and the elements of unions have been refactored to use camel case. The library bigint.s7i has been changed to define the operators radix and RADIX with actions. Testcases for the operators radix and RADIX have been added to chkbig.sd7. The compiler has been improved to do an optimization for the action INT_MDIV when the divisor is known at compile time. In traceutl.c the function mapTraceFlags has been improved to work correctly when several options are defined.

Release Notes: The documentation file doc/install.txt has been improved to describe the command 'make install'. The chapter about the foreign function interface in the manual has been improved. In striutl.h, the macros os_stri_alloc and os_stri_free have been improved to use a stack like allocation. This reduces the time used by operating system calls. The targets 'install' and 'uninstall' have been added to several makefiles. The program setwpath.c has been added. This program sets the search path (PATH variable) under Windows. The functions heapAllocOsStri and heapFreeOsStri have been added to striutl.c.

Release Notes: The function setSockOpt and the constant SO_REUSEADDR have been added to sockbase.s7i. The function openInetListener has been improved to succeed when the socket is reused. The functions opendir and wopendir in have been improved to check for the maximum path length supported by Windows. The functions str1Split, act_string and act_okay have been removed. The function exec_action in exec.c has been improved to use get_primact instead of act_okay. Documentation comments have been added to several C files. The interpreter and compiler have been improved to support the action SOC_SET_OPT_BOOL.

Release Notes: A new numeric escape sequence for string literals has been introduced. Conversion functions in bytedata.s7c have been improved. Checks have been added to chkint.sd7, chkbig.sd7, and chkset.sd7. The parser has been improved to write better error messages concerning Unicode. The compiler has been improved to optimize string initialization and integer exponentiation. The performance of setCard and setRand in set_rtl.c has been improved. Loop unrolling inspired by Duff's device has been introduced in striutl.h. Errors concerning the radix operator and the assignment of interfaces have been fixed.

Release Notes: The manual chapter describing the foreign function interface has been improved. The handling of Unicode in the console has been improved. All strings which are passed to C functions are checked now. The performance of several runtime functions has been improved. New flexible conversion functions have been added to bytedata.s7c. Documentation comments have been added or improved in several files. The program chk_all.sd7 has been improved to check several compiler options. The compiler has been improved to do more optimizations. Checks have been added to chkbig.sd7, chkexc.sd7, and chkflt.sd7.


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Project Spotlight


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