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SecureNet PRO

SecureNet PRO is a network monitoring and intrusion detection platform. It combines powerful scripting functionality with real-time session viewing and control capabilities. It goes beyond network-grep and signature-based intrusion detection offerings, offering a combination of true state-based decoding of application-layer protocol traffic and high-speed pattern matching. It offers full IP fragment reassembly functionality, TCP session reconstruction, and an advanced TCP/IP stack emulation facility.


Recent releases

  •  08 Jun 2000 15:45

    Release Notes: New features include 18 New Event Tree view modes (bringing the total to 24), over 40 new attack signatures, CSV (comma-separated-values) report generation, for easy importing into spreadsheets or database applications, IP address auto-discovery, and improved enterprise management capabilities.

    •  02 May 2000 22:03

      Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; capturing of network traffic in a centralized fashion, emulaton of the TCP/IP stacks of all monitored hosts, reassembling captured packet data for further analysis, full IP fragment reassembly, TCP session reconstruction, and packet header/checksum validation, full usage-monitoring capabilities, an advanced, integrated scripting language with multiple data types, functions, pointers, multi-dimensional arrays, etc., full enterprise management capabilities for remote administration of SecureNet PRO components over a secure encrypted communications channel, a full-featured report-generation engine, and a real-time graphical event tree display and 3-pane event list to examine network events as they occur.


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