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Searchmonkey is an intuitive way to perform powerful text searches on your system. It supports regular expressions and a graphical interface.

Operating Systems

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  •  16 May 2010 15:01

Release Notes: This version was completely rewritten. The user interface was updated, and is based on a new cross-platform library. This release focuses on the core functionality to ensure a stable base to start adding new features.

  •  05 Feb 2007 18:09

Release Notes: Only minor changes, but significantly improved stability, and fixes for a few minor annoyances (e.g. searching the root folder and using the regular expression wizard).

  •  28 Jan 2007 14:30

Release Notes: Many user interface changes. A new basic search mode. More search options and criteria. Faster, slicker searching.

  •  06 Dec 2006 06:09

Release Notes: This release improves international language support. In addition, searchmonkey no longer crashes when your text file has a DOS line ending.

  •  22 Nov 2006 07:58

Release Notes: This release lets you translate searchmonkey into your native language. See the searchmonkey translate howto on the home page. A segmentation fault in version 0.7.2 for certain files has now been fixed.


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