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Seahorse is a Gnome front end for GnuPG, the GNU Privacy Guard program. It is a tool for secure communications and data storage. Data encryption and digital signature creation can easily be performed through a GUI and Key Management operations can easily be carried out through an intuitive interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2004 21:40

    Release Notes: Loading large keyrings is now an order of magnitude faster. A startup assistant has been added for new users. This release works with BSD properly. There are many password caching fixes. A lot of crashes have been fixed.

    •  20 Oct 2004 20:18

      Release Notes: The key manager and recipients windows filter and sort keys properly. It also has much better integration with Nautilus, including multiple file and archive support. 'Key Properties' and key operations have been reworked. A gedit plugin has been added for working with encrypted text. All file operations use gnome-vfs and work with remote files. Import and export have been redone. It includes a GNOME integrated agent for caching passwords. There are several other fixes and enhancements.

      •  02 May 2003 02:47

        Release Notes: This release adds more key loading optimizations, Import and Export dialogs which use the clipboard instead of a text view, and a Nautilus component which provides a context menu for crypto operations (along with a control center capplet), The Tools menu has been removed in favor of the nautilus component. Widgets are no longer insensitive during progress operations and can select keys and do operations while keys are loading. Key edit dialogs are now key modal, so operations do not conflict. You can now sign, export, and delete multiple keys,

        •  01 May 2003 21:42

          Release Notes: GConf2 tunnelling for schemas install, and support for more languages (including ca, cs, de, es, fr, hu, it, ja, nl, no, pt, pt_BR, sv, and tr).

          •  03 Mar 2003 18:26

            Release Notes: The File menu has changed to the Key menu. A context menu for keys has been added. You can sign an entire key and add a revoker to a key. A bug when setting ASCII Armor Preferences has been fixed. The File Manager has been replaced with file operations in the Tools menu, and Key pairs are initially listed first. There are performance improvements with large key rings, especially in loading preferences, along with a progress display at startup for listing of keys. You can delete subkeys of non key-pairs.


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