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07 Jun 2007 03:47 lohner

Cygwin compilation
It works under Cygwin as well. Just install Cygwin, add the X11 packages (and X11 development libraries!), and compile.

If you get an error about a missing X11 library after running 'make', use the following compile line. It adds the X11R6 lib path to the compile line used in the Makefile.

c++ -Wall -Wno-return-type -O2 -o seahaven main.o util.o card.o stack.o score.o auto.o -lX11 -lXext -lm -L/usr/X11R6/lib

04 Sep 2000 08:53 dilogsys

Seahaven Towers game
The module auto.C throws up a compiler error for undeclared function memset().

Just add the line #include with the other includes at the beginning of the file and all works fine.


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