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Seagull PHP Application Framework

Seagull aims to deliver the following: independence of data, logic, and presentation layers, an extensible component architecture, reduction of repetitive programming tasks, simplified data access, comprehensive error handling, module workflow routines, form handling without the donkey work, component reuse, authentication management, integration with PEAR libraries, PHP coding standards, platform/PHP version/browser independence, self-generating documentation, and quality end-user docs.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 13:38

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  23 Aug 2006 09:56

      Release Notes: Module installation was automated for admin users, and improvements were made to the module generator wizard. Module config files now have a GUI interface for editing. Additional checks were added in the installer for open_basedir restriction. An allow_url_fopen problem in XML_Parser is handled. Additional authentication checks were added. Wizard functionality was improved based on PEAR's HTML_QuickForm_Controller. SQL parsing was improved, and more unit tests were added.

      •  07 Jun 2006 11:58

        Release Notes: Observers were implemented for login and registration managers, which makes integrating your Seagull application with other sites quite flexible; see FUD integration for an example and the Single Sign On writeup. The Oracle data and schema have been updated to work with the latest code. URI aliases have been extended to support dynamic parameters. Varico's DataGrid component was integrated. The module generator was extended, so it now builds functional CRUD forms that represent your data structure.

        •  11 Mar 2006 21:35

          Release Notes: Workflow and usability were vastly improved with the sleek new admin GUI. The Translation2 package is now fully integrated, allowing for multi-language content and navigation. Navigation management was vastly improved. Blocks were rewritten with many new features. PEAR package maintenance support was added. URI parsing and alias support were consolidated. Flexibility was improved for pluggable components. Generic input filter chain functionality was improved for efficiency and flexibility.

          •  16 Sep 2005 13:21

            Release Notes: This release adds RSS importation/exportation (at last!), improved session management, a Turkish translation, the ability to scrape and include wiki pages (requires PHP5 and tidy), a postgres user and database creation script, the db function unix_timestamp for Oracle and PostgreSQL, and the ability to view the login history for a given user. Admins are now notified of new registrations with a separate screen for activating/disabling accounts.


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