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Structured Document Validator

Structured Document Validator implements a generalized method for validating both the structure and content of structured documents. Any data format that can be deterministically divided into tags and data is classed as a structured document. This definition applies to a wide array of data formats, including XML, Java properties files, and delimited value files. The application performs validations based on user-defined Structured Document Definitions (SDDs). It provides an environment for validation, SDD development, and document editing.

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  •  05 Jan 2006 10:30

Release Notes: This release includes the addition of images to validate actions and shortcuts to those actions on the toolbar; the automatic closing of the error log tab when there are no errors/warnings encountered for the associated file; and the use of attribute names and values for tag ambiguity resolution. Bugfixes include changes to character entity storage to address memory issues; A fix for a problem with compilation and absolute frequencies being reset to 1; and re-implementation of SDDTree handling in developer to handle memory problems with large SDDs.

  •  05 Jun 2005 11:37

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality to the Alias mechanism and improved messages for SDD validation errors and warnings. The parsing table generation technique has been upgraded from SLR to LR(1).

  •  22 Feb 2005 07:34

Release Notes: The license was changed to the LGPL. This release includes fixes for validation problems and introduces configuration options for XML and SGML types.

  •  17 Sep 2004 06:55

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality for character entity glyph display, file-based character entity validation, error files, and empty content errors for attributes. The application now requires JRE 1.4 or higher.

  •  12 Jul 2004 10:37

Release Notes: This release adds new functionality for character entity insertion and help file browsing, as well as bugfixes.


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