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SDPSL provides tools for discovering a RenderMan shader's arguments at runtime in a render-engine neutral way, either with external, per-shader XML metafiles, or by parsing a shader's source directly. This significantly simplifies the development of render-engine-neutral 3D graphics tools, by eliminating linking to multiple, proprietary parsing libraries (such as libslcargs.a for BMRT, libsloargs.a for PRMan, etc.) It also allows a shader author to communicate a much richer set of data to modelling apps in a standardized way. For example, a shader metafile can specify that a string argument is intended for use as a texture; a modelling app can use this information to adjust its UI accordingly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2001 20:25

    Release Notes: This release has a major redesign of the public API, and is now using an autoconf / automake build system. The shader parsing code has been separated from the metafile generation code.

    •  17 Oct 2000 11:10

      Release Notes: The configuration and installation have been improved.


      Project Spotlight


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      Project Spotlight

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