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Simple DocBook Processor

SDoP (Simple DocBook Processor) reads a DocBook XML file, processes it into typeset pages, and outputs the result as PostScript (which can easily be converted to a PDF). It is "simple" because it supports only a subset of DocBook, and also because it does not make use of a DTD or stylesheets or any other heavyweight apparatus. It is a single program. SDoP is used to format the Exim reference manual.


Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2013 12:13

    Release Notes: All characters in the first three Unicode code pages are now supported. When the output is converted to a PDF, you can now request that links to individual index letters appear in the PDF table-of-contents (useful for large indexes). The font sizes for the "tags" of itemized and ordered lists can now be specified.

    •  18 May 2012 09:47

      Release Notes: A crash caused by too many nested lists has been fixed. An error is now diagnosed instead.

      •  28 Jan 2011 10:54

        Release Notes: Some bugs have been fixed. The main new feature is that information is automatically inserted into the PostScript output such that if it is converted to a PDF, cross-references and page numbers in indexes become clickable links.

        •  28 Jul 2010 19:18

          Release Notes: The only changes in this release are code and test tidies. Some are to get rid of compiler warnings, some are to update to the current libpng API (what it was using is deprecated), and some are to make the tests that involve JPEGs work with different versions of libjpeg.

          •  24 Jul 2009 10:40

            Release Notes: This release adds "configure" options to disable JPEG and/or PNG support. Some #ifdefs were missing when either of these were not supported, leading to compilation errors; this has been fixed.


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