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The SDL_gfx library offers several components: Graphic Primitives, Rotozoomer, Framerate control, and MMX image filters. The Primitives component provides basic drawing routines: pixels, hlines, vlines, lines, aa-lines, thick-lines, rectangles, rounded-rectangles, boxes, rounded boxes, circles, aa-circles, ellipses, trigons, polygons, textured-polygons, Bezier curves, and an 8x8 pixmap font for drawing onto any SDL Surface. Full alpha blending, hardware surface locking, and all surface depths are supported. The Rotozoomer can use interpolation for high quality output.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jul 2012 16:59

    Release Notes: This release fixes a thick line swap bug, SDL_GetTicks, and the pixel blend routine. It has an improved interface to SDL_framerateDelay. The VS2010 solution file has been updated to use SDL-1.2 sources.

    •  04 Dec 2011 07:30

      Release Notes: This release adds various bugfixes and updates. It switches the library and test sources to zlib.

      •  12 Sep 2010 04:15

        Release Notes: Rounded rectangle, rounded box, and thick line primitives were added. The test programs, DLL_EXPORT handling, and Win64 support were updated and improved. Line width calculation was fixed for normal and textured polygons. Version setup in and pie calculation (line-case detection, end-angle clipping) were also fixed.

        •  01 Jun 2010 05:49

          Release Notes: This release added VC9 project files, moved the static transfer lookup array from .h to .c added the VC++ compiler for MASM assembly support, added Haiku build support, added a helper function for alpha channel multiplication in 32-bit surfaces, added font rotation support, fixed the rotate90 function for the 0 degree case, added support for compiling on SDL 1.3, updated the test programs, updated comments for all methods, and added complete doxygen generated documentation.

          •  26 Sep 2009 15:42

            Release Notes: A fix was made for 1-pixel postponement with 8-bit scaling. Updates were made to headers and configure to allow for cross-compiling to DLL. A Visual CE project was added. A Symbian and Windows 64-bit fix was added for the lrint function.


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