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10 Aug 2004 07:49 kreiger

Wrong topic
Since SDL isn't a game, how about changing the topic from "Games/Entertainment" to "Software Development::Libraries" ?

10 Oct 2001 16:37 erll

Re: ld version *2.11.2* required
Sorry, wrong subject on my posting, should be:

ld version 2.11.2 or later requred...

10 Oct 2001 16:35 erll

ld version 2.11 required
Compiling SDL 1.2 from source with ld version 2.11, ld segfaults when linking some assembler stuff.

Upgrading to binutils 2.11.2 solved this problem for me.

26 Jun 2001 09:50 guidod

Quality and Community
SDL has been developed by Loki as the foundation for their ports of commercial games from Win32 to Linux, it has the virtue known as production quality that comes from usage for a dozen products. Later more platforms and features were added, many of them made from a very active developer community. Quite some add-on packages exist that are not shipped with the core-SDL, have a look at ( Using plain Ansi C and the Lesser GPL has furthered re-usage of the mulitmedia-routines from SDL, there are bindings for about every computer language around, and many graphics oriented software has an SDL-backend now. Slowly it has become the cross-platform cross-application multimedia API while still being easy to use.

14 Dec 1999 09:58 shaman

Compiles and works cleanly on Linux, Solaris and Solaris x86 for me.

This is the game SDK that the others should be judged by IMHO.


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