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Release Notes: Configuration for pkg-config was added. Dynamic library versions were cleaned up. RPM and deb packages were added. Include headers were reorganized.

Release Notes: The GUI was optimized to display big pictures. A Win32 package was added to the distribution. A number of bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Logging was implemented and optionally uses the "Text encoding" setting to enforce article charset conversion.

  •  25 May 2007 01:27

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in sdict.cgi. An Esperanto sort table was added. Native XKB keyboard input was implemented. Fixes were made in the Jotter application. Code was cleaned up.

Release Notes: Detection of big-endian systems was added.

Release Notes: Some small bugs were fixed. Multiple dictionary directories are implemented. Word selection is now cleared when 'Left' is pressed. There were also code cleanups and some small fixes.

Release Notes: A function to get relative dictionary position and other functions were added. Bugfixes were made.

  •  25 Mar 2006 10:29

Release Notes: A lot of changes were made in ptksdict GUI. The "--geometry=" switch was added.

Release Notes: This release adds dictionary seek functions.

  •  17 Feb 2006 12:02

Release Notes: New features in the Web dictionary script: dictionary browser, logging, and a new page layout. Numeric sorting was added to the dictionary compiler. A small utility called dctinfo was added to the distribution. There are some bugfixes.


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