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sdelta analyzes two files and outputs the difference. It applies the difference to the first of the original files to construct a bit for bit clone of the second file. It is optimized for use with source tarballs, and also contains sdreq, the client for the Public Patch Repository, PPR. The PPR generates on demand source upgrade and downgrade patches for over a quarter of a million version specific source tarballs. By using sdreq you can acquire new source tarballs from the PPR several times faster and with only 10% of the downloading that you currently do.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Nov 2005 19:39

    Release Notes: This release fixes a compiler warning for gcc 4.0.2 Updating is not recommended.

    •  07 Jul 2005 00:32

      Release Notes: Berlios squeezed out the PPR with their filesystem quota. The PPR now runs on This release updates the client for the new server location.

      •  01 Jun 2005 11:29

        Release Notes: This version contains a client compatible with the PPR. If you want patches from the PPR you will need this update.

        •  18 May 2005 10:38

          Release Notes: This version of the client downloads patches from the new FTP location because reconfigured their Web server to deny access to files with extensions .gz and .bz2.

          •  14 May 2005 10:54

            Release Notes: The Public Patch Repository was moved to The included client for the PPR was updated. This release contains enhancements for generating patches on systems with limited memory. Instead of using system swap, sdelta and sdelta2 now automatically perform swapping to temporary files in /tmp. This improves patch generation speed, and as long as /tmp resides on a physical file system and not a tmpfs virtual file system, this modification allows patches of very large source tarballs to be generated on boxes with a fraction of the memory one would expect to be required.


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            Project Spotlight

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