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  •  26 Nov 2008 19:41

Release Notes: Some very minor updates were released for the SCZ compression library routines and recursion tests. Conditional compilation statements were added to the library files to avoid redefinitions in case they get included multiple times. In the regression test generator, include statements were added for standard libraries that are now needed by gcc.

  •  26 Nov 2008 19:39

Release Notes: Include statements were added for standard libraries that are now needed by gcc in the regression test data-generator.

  •  28 Feb 2008 05:14

Release Notes: Issues with the SCZ photo image compression utilities reading binary files on some platforms were cleaned up. Unlike the core SCZ functions which implement perfect lossless compression, the image routines apply a lossy method appropriate for images. They achieve high compression ratios with little image degradation.

  •  25 May 2007 00:57

Release Notes: A comment error in scz.h was fixed. An API document was added to the Web page.

  •  15 Oct 2006 11:58

Release Notes: Some memory leaks and freeing issues were cleaned up. A potential bug in the streams-compress function was fixed. Compression speed was improved. The header file was reorganized with prototypes for convenient linking into applications. The SCZ compression format remains stable, and the latest version passes all regression tests.

Release Notes: A photo-image compression routine has been added to SCZ. Unlike the core SCZ functions that implement perfect lossless compression, the new image-scz routine applies a lossy method appropriate for images. The simple algorithm greatly improves SCZ compression ratios on images.

  •  22 Mar 2006 22:07

Release Notes: A"scz_cleanup" routine was added for freeing buffer memory after all SCZ routines have been called. Some very minor code cleanups were made to eliminate unused variables. All other routines and the compression formats remain stable to date.

  •  24 Jul 2005 23:23

Release Notes: This release added new stream access routines that allow ".scz" files to be opened for reading or writing, followed by many individual line (new-line delimited) or XML (tag-delimited) reads or writes, and finally closed. This enables incremental writing or reading much like fopen, feof, fgets, fputs, and fclose, but on compressed files and avoids the need to do I/O on large intermediate buffers before compressing or after decompressing.

Release Notes: This branch contains scripts for testing SCZ compress/decompress routines. It contains a generic test-data generator for testing, benchmarking, or comparing compression methods. It can generate random binary data files with arbitrary sizes and with arbitrary amounts of compressibility. By testing SCZ routines with thousands of different files of various sizes, we gain confidence in SCZ's correctness and efficiency. The regression tests can be quickly re-run whenever any improvements to SCZ are proposed, to verify that it continues to work properly.

Release Notes: This version was completely overhauled. The architecture was streamlined. Compress/decompress routines are available for file2buffer, buffer2buffer, buffer2file, and file2file. Speed and scalability were greatly improved. End-to-end checksums were added. The algorithm is block-based to compress large files in sections. Streaming modes are supported. Multiple files are handled, and SCZ-Utilities can process whole directories. The Web documentation has been updated and enhanced with a new "how-it-works" page containing design and format information.


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