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  •  06 Nov 2003 16:15

Release Notes: This version features improved and better tested versions of example scripts (backuploop), the latest state of documentation, and customizable timeout. Odysseus can now gather filesystem metadata.

  •  17 Mar 2003 18:48

Release Notes: A bug which appeared on missing files in file streaming mode has been fixed. There now is a first raw version of Odysseus to gather file stats, so that in the future it will be possible to restore the full filesystem structure, not only file contents.

  •  15 Jul 2002 18:38

Release Notes: The memory leakage should be fixed now. (Note that this is release early, release often code.)

  •  15 Jun 2002 00:16

Release Notes: A highly experimental enhancement was added, which permits the transfer of hundreds of files in one session (find | charybdis). It is possibly that memory leaks might still be present, so it is recommended that ulimit be used wisely. A major scylla bugfix means that backup history now can reach .~03~ and above.

  •  09 May 2002 19:56

Release Notes: Throttling blocksize is used as socket MTU. There is not much documentation yet and the (straightforward) source was tested under SuSE Linux 7.x only.


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