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  •  02 Apr 2004 09:03

Release Notes: The main focus of this release is support for the upcoming packaging proposal and the removal of any code which did not conform to scsh's BSD-style license. The old package SORT from Scheme 48 has been replaced by a sophisticated library for the withdrawn SRFI 32. The new module CONFIGURE permits access to some of the values obtained during the run of the configure script. In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed.

  •  15 Apr 2003 02:43

Release Notes: This release adds two new command line switches for loading exec scripts. The select problem was fixed, a revised version of SRFI-19 is supplied, problems in wait-for-channels, get_group, write-string/partial, and the timezone code were corrected, and send-message can now send an empty datagram. The scsh image is now dumped with md5 loaded, and the pause-until-interrupt was removed because because it is not compatible with the thread system.

  •  13 Jan 2003 05:56

Release Notes: An interface to the MD5 library has been added, to compute fingerprints of strings and files. Scsh starts much more quickly, and is distributed with an additional smaller heap image stripped of debugging information. This release reintroduces the select/select! procedures from the 0.5 releases, and adds a more convenient interface to select and non-blocking I/O. Support for SRFI 25, 26, 27, 28, and 30 has been added. The new structure scheme-with-scsh combines the exports of the scsh and scheme structures.

  •  18 Jan 2002 14:16

Release Notes: A move to a more recent version of Scheme 48 which provides many new features (in particular a sophisticated user-level thread system, an improved garbage collector, and a better FFI), interfaces to dot-locking, crypt, and syslog, a few minor changes to the API, and many bugfixes.


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