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ScrumDo is a Web application to manage your agile Scrum based projects. It gives you the tools to create and track user stories in your project. Some features include automatic burn-up charts, drag and drop iteration planning, the ability to export to Excel, edit your stories, and import your changes back in, a history tool to track where you've been, and a predictions tool for looking ahead. Multiple scrum teams are supported off a single backlog.

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  •  14 Jul 2011 01:53

Release Notes: A new epic story tool was added. When you click a tag, you're brought to a new tags page listing all the stories associated with that tag across the entire project. The activities list was sped up with some more aggressive caching. Tag auto-completion was fixed. Tags, categories, epics, and iteration displays were consolidated to the bottom footer of stories. Story summary and detail are now displayed with Markdown formatting. A bug where the API returned a useless value instead of the members of a project was fixed. choose-iteration graphics were updated. Icons on stories are now mostly transparent until you hover over the story.

  •  18 Apr 2011 00:53

Release Notes: New daily digest email. Improved extras/plugin support. An improved organizations interface. IE7 bugfixes. Improved RSS feeds. Full UTF-8 support.

  •  28 Mar 2011 00:17

Release Notes: A planning poker feature. New project / organization exports. New help/tips in the upper right corner. When you register, you're now prompted to create an organization. You can now delete teams / organizations. Improved admin interfaces are working better. An option to hide the burnup chart. Optimized burnup chart data display. Several minor bugfixes.

  •  27 Jan 2011 07:15

Release Notes: This release features massive UI changes with a greatly improved level of usability, the ability to set velocity calculation type, the ability to import/export tags, and more helpful new user info. Adding new stories no longer requires a page refresh. Project admins can now select from three different point scales. A story deletion bug was fixed.


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