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Scriptella is an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) and script execution tool. Its primary focus is simplicity. It doesn't require the user to learn another complex XML-based language to use it, but allows the use of SQL or another scripting language suitable for the data source to perform required transformations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Dec 2012 20:57

    Release Notes: JEXL 2.0 support was added. Flexible parsing/formatting rules for text/CSV drivers were added. StringIndexOutOfBoundsException has been fixed when parsing SQL statements with ternary expressions. Support for batch execution was added. Missing calls are now detected in JavaScript/JEXL query elements.

    •  04 May 2010 22:38

      Release Notes: An ArrayIndexOutOfBounds that was thrown when lazy-initialization fails for connection was fixed. Loading classes is enabled when scriptella is packaged in an EAR file in JBoss. Auto-discovery driver aliases for PostgreSQL/DB2 were fixed. An inability to write to an HTTP URL was fixed. The CUBRID database driver was added. null_string is used to expand $variable when it has null value. The nostat command line option was added to suppress statistics collecting. Maven integration was added.

      •  02 Apr 2008 14:26

        Release Notes: The driver attribute was made optional with a default value of "auto". etl.text utility methods were added to format strings. The ability to execute multiple ETL files in Spring was added. The "exclude=true/false" attribute was added for the dialect tag. A NullpointerException in JEXL expressions if running in multiple threads was fixed. Inserting NULL values into a DB2 database was fixed. The onerror regex matching for message and type attributes was simplified. New drivers were added for IBM AS/400 and SqlSheet JDBC Excel driver. The CSV driver was improved. The opencsv library was replaced with a built-in implementation.

        •  08 Nov 2007 14:17

          Release Notes: A driver was added for running external Scriptella ETL files. The "autocommit.size" JDBC connection parameter was added. The "autocommit" connection parameter was added. The "Impossible to import NULL with CSV driver" bug was fixed. The JdbcException thrown during driver loading was fixed. Velocity was upgraded to 1.5. Janino was upgraded to 2.5.11. Several minor bugs were fixed. Cosmetic fixes were introduced for the code, site, and documentation.

          •  17 May 2007 06:54

            Release Notes: This release added auto-discovery for JDBC drivers, support for JSR 223 (scripting for the Java platform), and a new ?{textfile 'filename/url' } syntax extension for uploading CLOBs from text files. A database migration template was added. An issue with the LDAP driver when using search.scope and search.basedn parameters was fixed. Dialect name matching was simplified. Support for bind variables/expressions in an HREF attribute of an include element was added. A skip_lines connection parameter was added for the CSV and Text drivers.


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