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Release Notes: A new spellchecker based on Hunspell was provided. 64-bit versions are now available for Windows Vista, 7, and 8. Documentation was updated (including translations), and UI translations were updated. A security update was provided for the Python Scripter (Windows) along with fixes to issues with file locations and file names on Windows. There were also fixes and an enhancement to the Scripter. Additional build options were provided. There were major and minor bugfixes, ranging from crashes in some corner cases to usability improvements.

Release Notes: This release adds GiveLife Color System palettes (license in the swatches directory), adds updates to resolve small canvas issues, fixes bitmap and SVG image importation issues, adds undo steps for path operations and page moving, fixes master page behavior, fixes text editing issues, enhances the scripter, updates translations, significantly updates the Italian version of the help documents, and relocates profiles and swatches to the share directory of Unix-like systems (Linux, OS X, etc.) to fit in with the FHS.

Release Notes: Fixes were made for the Story Editor, Styles, and buggy fonts. Support was added for CUPS 1.5.

Release Notes: During this development period, the team focused on stability and correctness. Almost 50 bugs have been resolved since the release of 1.3.6. There are ew Scripter functions, usability improvements, translation updates, updates to the documentation, PDF bookmark export fixes, and text layout fixes.

Release Notes: Several fixes and improvements to text frames and the Story Editor. A new Arabic Translation. More translation and documentation updates. Many improvements to PDF Forms exporting and non-Latin script handling in PDFs. Several fixes to protect against possible crashes. Improved Color Managed Display in some cases. Some fixes to the Scripting plugin. One of the major additions to this release is the final complete German translation of the Scribus documentation.

Release Notes: This release is purely a bugfix release for the recently released More translation updates were added. Some corner case crash bugs were found and fixed. Some fixes for PDF settings and correctness were made. The major addition to this release is the backporting of cmake build support. The older autotools based build system is still the primary build system, in keeping with the stability aims of this release series.

Release Notes: This release adds a number of color management improvements, text frame fixes, font handling fixes, and UI translation updates. Scribus will now detect and use the ps2write device in Ghostscript (if available) for improved PS2 level printing on all platforms.

Release Notes: The major addition in 1.2.5 is fontconfig support for the 1.2 branch. The Icon Tool Bars are now dockable and can be made to float in the Scribus window, allowing more screen space for documents. This release also fixes a long standing issue with incorrect colors with PDF exported from Scribus in Adobe Reader 7.0x due to undocumented changes in Adobe Reader.

Release Notes: This release refines the 1.2 series with many fixes and some enhancements. It supports the proposed OpenICC specification for color management profiles. It has updated English documentation, along with many GUI translation updates. There are many locale and Unicode fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: The Danish, German, and Russian translations were updated, and a Brazilian translation was added. Scribus is now available in 22 Languages. The context-sensitive right-click menu was updated. The information on images and text frames was updated. Importing of templates and styles was added. Various pre-drawn shapes were added to the shape drawing tool and within frames. Grouped items may now be rotated. Sample scripts from Henning Schroeder and Yves Ceccone were added. Lots of minor bugfixes were made, and stability was increased.


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