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Release Notes: This release adds polygons as new element, redesigns the measurement palette, and improves the handling of clipping-paths.

  •  28 Apr 2002 14:41

Release Notes: A with "Save as..." has been fixed. Missing math.h has been added to scribusXml.cpp. A Lithuanian translation has been added. "Send to Scrapbook" has been added to the context menu.

Release Notes: Ported to QT3, an improved New File dialog, rewritten code for Lineitems, and support for an external printing command.

Release Notes: Changes in this release include support for basic color management, the ability to soft-proof your document on-screen (works only with LittleCMS installed), TIFF images, totally rewritten PDF exporting, user-definable keyboard shortcuts, rounded rectangles, and rounded frames.

  •  30 Mar 2002 06:04

Release Notes: This release fixes a grave bug with linked Textframes. Also iso8859-2 and iso8859-15 encodings should work now for the PDF-Export.

Release Notes: This release adds rounded rectangles, the possibility to have rounded Corners for Text- and Pictureframes, export of PDF-Articles, enabling of PDF-Presentation-Effects, and changed behavior in Template-Pages.

Release Notes: The ability to define your own keyboard shortcuts and support for link annotations in exported PDF were added.

  •  10 Feb 2002 04:50

Release Notes: This release contains mainly bugfixes, especially for Mandrake 8.1.

Release Notes: In this release, the PDF-Exporter was rewritten with significant improvements, and there were some minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: Support for importing TIFF-Images, which can have a ICC-Profile attached.


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