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Release Notes: Over 290 requests and bugs were resolved. A major code restructuring was undertaken in preparation for a new modular file load and save system. Support for EXIF and more TIFF and PSD file formats were added. Image tinting and sharpening effects were implemented. Section-based page numbering is now supported. Updates were made for Windows and Mac OS X compatibility. Significant updates were made to the documentation.

  •  06 Jan 2006 11:04

Release Notes: A maintenance release to fix minor bugs and add more support for automatic openicc profile discovery.

Release Notes: The application now natively supports spot color printing for true DeviceN color space support. This release also adds support for displaying colors for individuals with color viewing impairments. Scribus text frames now support in-line graphics. Fixes were made for Win32 and Mac OS X compatibility. A Calendar Creation Wizard was included. Variable page sizes and orientations within a single document are now supported. A new startup dialog was implemented. The proposed OpenICC specification for color management profiles is now supported.

Release Notes: This release refines the 1.2 series with many fixes and some enhancements. It supports the proposed OpenICC specification for color management profiles. It has updated English documentation, along with many GUI translation updates. There are many locale and Unicode fixes and enhancements.

Release Notes: Lots of new and improved features were added, such as a new undo system, the ability to import PSD files, image filters, and more.

  •  05 Jul 2005 14:38

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash bug that came up after the 1.2.2 release.

  •  03 Jul 2005 17:45

Release Notes: Numerous improvements to the SVG import/exporter. Over 130 bug reports and user feature requests have been squashed. This release also adds updated English documentation, along with many new GUI translation updates. Support for OASIS ( 2.0) writer and draw import. Many locale and Unicode fixes and enhancements. More rendering speed.

Release Notes: A new Writer and Draw importer. SVG export/import improvements. Python Scripter enhancements and docs, including in-console help for script syntax. Updated English documentation and an enhanced help browser. Commercial support is now available. Glyph rendering is faster (15-25%) and more accurate.

Release Notes: This is the culmination of over 1 year of hard work since last year's 1.0 release. A new EPS/PS importer, which imports EPS/PS files as native Scribus Objects, was added. A new enhanced Story Editor, which is custom designed to speed text editing and style application was added. Scribus now features a "Create from/Save as Template" plug-in, which enables end users to quickly generate pre-formatted documents. Many enhancements to text frames were made, including multi-columned text, baseline grids, tabs, and drop caps.

Release Notes: This release has a rewritten story editor and many bugfixes. It is the last developer's release before a new stable 1.2 version.


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