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SCREEM is a tag-based Web page editor which aims not only to aid in creating Web pages, but also to provide useful site maintainance facilities, including automatic link updating and site upload facilities. SCREEM has more than just the usual HTML tags, with features for including Javascript, PHP, cascading style sheets, etc within your site.


Recent releases

  •  23 Jan 2006 22:55

    Release Notes: This release features new page / site dialogs with improved templating support, the appearence of an --enable-mozilla flag to use gecko instead of gtkhtml2 (not fully complete but works better than gtkhtml2 for CSS pages), and the use of enchant for spell checking by default (disable with --disable-enchant) Due to a change in the startup code, a recent development version of libgnome is required (2.13.7, part of the recent 2.13.5 platform release).

    •  30 Nov 2005 22:46

      Release Notes: Support for Golive templates has been added, as well as opening/saving with specified character sets files and sites. Plugins can be enabled/disabled on the fly.

      •  16 Nov 2005 12:17

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix release which primarily fixes the file browser pane, which was not working correctly when working on individual files instead of a site. This release also hopefully fixes a long standing crash with the file browser.

        •  02 Nov 2005 22:02

          Release Notes: This release features all the changes / fixes made during the 0.15.x development cycle. There are no new required dependencies since 0.14.x. However, compiling with --enable-enchant is advised, and will require libenchant (>= 1.1.6).

          •  20 Oct 2005 15:26

            Release Notes: This development release fixes the long-standing crash with the automatic broken link fixing when moving files or directories in the file pane. A number of other bugs were also fixed. This release will most likely become the 0.16.0 stable release unless there are any huge bugs discovered.

            Recent comments

            16 May 2005 14:44 johnnymason

            Nice Work
            Although some comments show problems with the server, once the application is installed and running, it's a neat little replacement for vi. ;p

            09 May 2001 01:47 tysonc

            Another dead project?
            From (

            Posted By: davek

            Date: 2000-03-24 06:17


            Its unlikely that I will be able to do much, if anything, in the way of coding on Screem over the next 2 months as my final year uni disertation is due in after April, and then there are the exams.

            Of course that doesn't stop anyone else coding :-)

            20 Feb 2000 08:23 borago

            Its There
            Have just downloaded from and noted that it is now available on SourceForge.

            01 Jan 2000 16:02 ilmari

            500: Internal server error
            I'm getting a very uninformative 500 error when trying to connect to, hopefully it'll be fixed a.s.a.p.....

            25 Aug 1999 07:28 martyjg

            Site: Official Word
            The first comment about the site being slow was taken very seriously. We have had the site moved to a server with better US access, and have taken the first steps towards mirror sites. We are also trying to provide alternative download sites from the main website.

            The second comment on fm was, to say the least, over-reactive and under-informed. We admit the site has occasionally been down, but this does NOT mean the project is being neglected. These are circumstances beyond our control, and we are continually doing everything possible to improve reliability of the site.

            The discontinued page refered to was the text-only page that first announced SCREEM, run by the main author, David Knight. It would be unreasonable to expect him to update TWO websites with the same information at the same time as well as running the application project itself.

            We hope that our website progresses as much as our program has in the first few months since it was started. We feel we have an excellent product in development, and we want our website to reflect this.



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