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28 Jan 2006 03:15 honewatson

Good Potential - Scalability
This seems to be a pretty cool. Runs DailyKos so must be pretty scalable.

Wordpress can be quite slow once you get over 10,000 visitors a day (2.0 does takes even more queries than ever before to produce a page)

So this is worth a look if you've got a big project happening.

21 May 2000 12:55 davidu

Scoop rules
Scoop rules,

I am running a demo site at and

the real thing is at


14 Apr 2000 10:52 kuro5hin

Not Abandoned
I had a temporary DSL outage. There will be a real dev site again very soon, as well. Sorry about that.--Rusty


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An open, cross-platform journaling program.


Project Spotlight


A scientific plotting package.