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SCons is a software construction tool (build tool substitute for Make) implemented in Python. It features a modular build engine that can be embedded in other software. SCons configuration files are Python scripts that call the build engine API. It can scan files to detect dependencies automatically and maintain a global view of all dependencies in a build tree, and uses MD5 signatures to detect changed file contents reliably. Timestamps can be used if you prefer. SCons also supports parallel builds and is easily extensible through user-defined builder and scanner objects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2010 05:38

    Release Notes: This is the first patch release in the 2.0 series, which drops backwards compatibility for Python versions prior to 2.4. This release contains a small number of bug fixes for MSVC/MSVS/SDK issues, Fortran compilation, and Tex.

    •  19 Apr 2008 10:41

      Release Notes: This release contains significant performance improvements, more flexible and reliable detection of changed files, and a huge number of new features, fixes, and other changes.

      •  29 May 2007 17:59

        Release Notes: This release contains a huge number of enhancements and fixes since the last publicly-announced release. Please see the release notes at the SCons Web site for a list of important issues with compatibility implications.

        •  24 Aug 2004 08:04

          Release Notes: Packaging has been fixed for Mac OS X (darwin). Scanning pre-compiled header (.pch) files has been fixed. Copying construction environments that contain ListOption() options has been fixed. Visual Studio project files now accomodate spaces in executable Python paths, and solution (.dsw) files have corrected GUID strings. Delete() handles the file or directory not existing, and has a new must_exist keyword argument. SCons can now package itself on Windows systems. The Debian package now conforms to Debian naming requirements. The scons.bat file no longer prints its REM statements.

          •  18 Aug 2004 18:17

            Release Notes: Support for Fortran 90/95 and shared libraries on Mac OS X has been added. Qt support is improved. New debugging and file manipulation features have been added. Java can now be built from multiple source directories. -Wa, -Wl, -Wp, and -pthread options from *-config commands are handled properly. Visual Studio PDB files are now generated at link time. Dependency handling of generated .h files has been improved. Builders now always return lists of Nodes on all platforms. The documentation has been enhanced. Many bugs have been fixed. Performance improvements have been made.


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