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SciTE is a GUI-based single-document editor which uses the Scintilla editor component. It rapidly styles most common programming languages with good control over how syntactic elements are displayed, and features folding for C++, C, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Styling of HTML also styles embedded scripts written in VBScript, Javascript, or Python.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Nov 2008 15:00

    Release Notes: Lexer bugs and other minor issues were fixed.

    •  19 Feb 2008 18:17

      Release Notes: This release displays invalid UTF-8 bytes as hexadecimal and can show indentation guides on completely empty lines, amongst other updates.

      •  28 Jun 2007 05:35

        Release Notes: This version includes Lua 5.1 and is faster for wide lines. The session file format has changed and SciTE will not load old .ses files.

        •  12 Jun 2007 07:46

          Release Notes: This version uses a directory properties file to configure behavior for files in a directory and its subdirectories.

          •  12 Jun 2007 07:46

            Release Notes: This version improves performance, enables incremental search on GTK+, and allows Find in Files to ignore binary files and directories starting with ".".

            Recent comments

            22 Apr 2006 00:41 avuko

            Why this editor isn't getting raving reviews everywhere is beyond me..
            Just open the and <extension>.properties files and hack away at making your editor purrrfect.

            I'd been using second-(or less)-best editors for years, and then I found this little jewel. Thanks for the great app guys!

            03 Nov 2003 06:01 zapadoo

            Lite and fast
            SciTE is a real jewel - its the core editing component hidden behind other, bigger and more complex editors. I use this and ROX-Filer together as a simple editing environment.

            The main reason I like SciTE - its language syntax highlighting support is superb. Code folding and other features are icing.


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