Version 0.16 of scit

Release Notes: Blamelists have been added. The changed files since the previous built revision are listed along with the user name of the author, commit time, and the change comments provided by the author.

    Other releases

    •  01 Oct 2011 08:17

      Release Notes: New slave hosts should now become visible in the HTML user interface immediately after being added. Previously a restart of generate_html was required. Problems in the demo script with committing multiple dummy changes have been fixed. Dependency triggers between a project that doesn't use version control and one that does are now supported.

      •  06 Sep 2011 21:08

        Release Notes: A bug that caused problems when trying to stop local slaves has been fixed. The svn_scitmaster script now just waits instead of quitting right after starting if no project is configured. A dynamic authentication system for lighttpd (dasl) has been added. Dasl has been tested with Ubuntu 11.04; other distributions may need a little manual tweaking of the sysV script to start lighttpd via lighttpd-angel instead of directly.

        •  27 Jul 2011 20:55

        Release Notes: A debug switch has been added to the start scripts; without it, the background processes now write a lot less than before to the log files. The stability improvements for the background processes introduced in version 0.19 have been expanded to include the remote slave processes.

        •  11 Jun 2011 11:43

          Release Notes: Support for passive slaves on hosts where the SHH server runs on non-standard ports has been added. The addnewhost script takes an optional fourth parameter specifying the port number. A more robust and user-friendly system was implemented for controlling the background processes on the master with start/stop scripts.

          •  18 May 2011 22:33

            Release Notes: Pending force triggered builds are now shown on the main HTML page. A clean build option has been added. When it is enabled, the directory checked out from the version control system is removed before a new version is checked out.


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