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scim-input-pad is an on-screen input pad that can be used to input symbols and key events very easily. It works with the SCIM input method platform.

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  •  23 Mar 2005 21:21

Release Notes: A "Recently used" group was added to hold the recently used items. was updated a little and the translation files were updated.

  •  10 Mar 2005 21:53

Release Notes: An options dialog was added for configuring various options. A repeatedly committing feature was added along with a Taiwanese localization and updated base, Japanese, and Chinese tables. The position of the main window is now remembered and restored automatically upon startup.

Release Notes: The main window is now scrollable. A keyboard data file thats includes some useful KeyEvents was added. For translators, intltool was integrated, making it possible for group/table names to be placed in PO files.


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