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SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. It pretends to be a clone of the popular commercial application "Microcal Origin", supplying plotting features for 2D, 3D, and polar charts. It features opening several worksheets and plots to work with at the same time, fully-configurable plots using a control panel dialog, a completely WYSIWYG look and feel, and publication-quality PostScript output.


Recent releases

  •  24 Jun 2005 02:57

    Release Notes: This release adds some GUI improvements and major bugfixes.

    •  18 May 2005 10:47

      Release Notes: This release is now built on top of libscigraphica. libscigraphica provides all the widgets and dialogs, as well as a new plugin system to create new plot types, data styles, and file formats. Developers can now use it to include plotting capabilities in their programs by taking advantage of its friendly API.

      •  04 Dec 2001 19:05

        Release Notes: Antialiasing, matrices, arbitrary meshes for 3D plots using Delaunay triangulization, a new strategy for retrieving data from worksheets and using the same dataset in different plots, custom page size, and improvements in the GUI and dialogs.

        •  26 Jul 2001 20:11

          Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and feature enhancements, including a more mature plugin system.

          •  02 Jul 2001 22:02

            Release Notes: Ability to embed images and set background images for the plots, a clipboard for plots and images, improved PostScript and WYSIWYG, inclusion of (a Python module for interacting with plots and worksheets from the terminal), a new scheme for storing numerical data in worksheets, and included examples.

            Recent comments

            19 May 2005 09:58 contusion

            Nice 2d plotting tool
            I used scigraphica for plotting my mathematical 2d data. It's documentation was good. I got nice results and got ps file.


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