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Schmant is a build tool for building Java programs. It provides a set of build tasks (compile, text process, tar archive, etc.) and an environment in which to run build scripts. Build scripts can be written Groovy, JavaScript, JRuby, or Jython. The goal of the project is to be feature-comparable with Apache Ant, but much nicer to work with.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2010 17:31

    Release Notes: This release comes with vastly improved closure support for script languages. Many Schmant task properties now accept closure values that are evaluated when the task is run. Closures can also be added directly to a TaskExecutor. In order to improve the closure support, Schmant now uses the different script language implementations directly via implementations of Schmant's ScriptExecutor class instead of going via JSR 223 script engines. As a consequence, the ScriptTF did not work anymore and has been removed. Build scripts must replace it with a closure instead.

    •  25 Sep 2009 13:36

      Release Notes: This release adds updated external dependencies and a couple of bugfixes. The bzip2 classes now use the multi-threaded bzip2 implementation from At4J by default.

      •  17 Jul 2009 18:44

        Release Notes: This release comes with built-in support for build scripts written in Groovy, JRuby, or Jython, in addition to the support for JavaScript scripts from previous releases. The documentation has been updated with many examples written in the new script languages. There is also a new release of the Emma task package, 1.0.1, that works with Schmant 1.0.

        •  13 Apr 2009 08:46

          Release Notes: This version is a small feature and bugfix release. One new feature is that it is now possible to run build scripts in Zip files. The documentation has been updated and extended.

          •  22 Mar 2009 17:58

            Release Notes: This release introduces the Task Author's Guide and a few new tasks, such as the JavaWorkspaceBuilderTF for building projects in project repositories (Eclipse workspaces or IntelliJ IDEA projects). External dependencies have been updated to their latest versions. The documentation has been revised and extended.


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