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  •  04 Dec 2009 08:00

    Release Notes: This is a bugfix release for SchemaCrawler for Oracle and the Unix shell scripts.

    •  28 Nov 2009 06:14

      Release Notes: The Table class has new methods to obtain imported and exported foreign keys.

      •  26 Nov 2009 09:14

        Release Notes: SchemaCrawler output has sections to make it more readable. A new -schemas command line switch replaces -schemapattern and the schemapattern option. A live connection is provided to the JavaScript context to enable scripting of the database. The database metadata returned by SchemaCrawler has a new SchemaCrawlerInfo object that provides the version number and Java system properties. Table sort is now done using graph algorithms, and includes cycle checks. There are updates to all bundled database drivers, and a bugfix for obtaining MySQL foreign keys correctly.

        •  28 Oct 2009 10:28

          Release Notes: There is a new pre-packaged SchemaCrawler for Oracle. The index sort order of primary key columns was fixed. The Web site was updated with a new front page.

          •  25 Sep 2009 22:05

            Release Notes: This release adds an enhancement to the JavaSqlType class to contain the SQL type group. JavaSqlTypesUtility can look up the JavaSqlType by data type. Deprecated methods for grouping SQL data types (such as isReal()) are removed from the ColumnDataType class, as well as the getTypeClass() method.

            •  19 Sep 2009 18:46

            Release Notes: This release adds support for mapping of SQL data types to Java classes. This includes the new JavaSqlType class and the JavaSqlTypesUtility. A new method, getTypeClass(), is available on ColumnDataType to obtain the mapped Java class. A new package, SchemaCrawler for Apache Derby, is customized for Apache Derby users.

            •  27 Aug 2009 09:51

              Release Notes: This release adds a natural sort order for tables, based on the foreign keys, and a corresponding command-line switch, -sorttables. There are new API methods for getting child and parent tables, and better modeling of privileges and grants. Bugfixes include obtaining indexes and foreign keys with the Oracle driver, handling null schemas for databases that do not support schemas, and allowing data dumps when tables contain binary objects, by fixing the SELECT sort order.

              •  13 Aug 2009 08:25

                Release Notes: This release makes efficient use of database connections and plays well with pooled connections. There are better log messages, including for configuration, for when a database connection is opened or closed. There are several performance enhancements, improving the speed of retrieval of the schema.

                •  11 May 2009 12:43

                  Release Notes: This release adds a pre-packaged SchemaCrawler for SQLite. There is also an improved algorithm to find weak associations, and a new command-line switch to sort columns alphabetically.

                  •  07 May 2009 07:17

                    Release Notes: grep functionality was built into the command line. This means that all of the SchemaCrawler commands, including graphing, can use filtering and grep options. The command line option help has been re-written. If no commands are specified, it defaults to standard_schema, a new command that provides the most commonly needed details of the schema. Graphviz DOT files are now produced as one of the native output formats for generating schema diagrams.


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