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SCAIN (Simple Crypto Algorithm Ideated by a Novice) is a simple cryptographic algorithm that generates different output with the same input and the same password. It uses pass phrases and keys of arbitrary lengths.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2001 09:17

    Release Notes: Bit trasposition now works with 64-multiple bit keys.

    •  06 Feb 2001 08:42

      Release Notes: This release of the algorithm features a new dynamic key encryption, which increases the number of possibilities for differences in blocks of ciphertext, even if you don't use bit trasposition and the plaintext is rather similar.

      •  31 Jan 2001 14:24

        Release Notes: This version does not yet implement key-hiding and it's only intended for developers, since no utilities are supplied. It features a total code rewrite to make it simpler and faster, (multiple) bit trasposition on 64bits and 64-multiples bits, unlimited key length, and better speed and reliability. It uses no dynamic memory allocation/free (it works on supplied buffers).

        Recent comments

        04 Oct 2000 04:43 rustino

        v3.0 is gonna be released
        I'm working on the libscain v3.0, the code has been totally rewritten, it will be not compatible with older version of the library; the key space is no more limited and bit trasposition is performed on 8bit blocks, no allocation or free are performed, the encryption/decryption is performed into the buffer passed by the user, key generation is performed by strandom library. Beta releases will not have key hiding. The algorithm is faster than previous releases.


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