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17 Sep 2001 07:08 ed_avis

Re: New e-mail address for maintainer
I have the same system for munging my email address: the domain is, and the username is "unicorn" spelled epa98.

15 Sep 2001 02:33 nrocinu

New e-mail address for maintainer
I'm the current maintainer of sc, but I haven't had the time to watch
the announcements here much recently, let alone post my own. I just
received e-mail, however, telling me about this announcement (thanks,
Ed), and I thought I should post a response here informing anyone who
downloads sc that my contact address in the docs will very shortly be
a nonworking address, due to some changes at If anyone
needs to contact me for any reason (bug reports/fixes, suggestions,
etc.), my new address is at, and my userid is "unicorn"
spelled backwards. I'd spell it out explicitly, but I'd like to avoid
getting my new address harvested by spammers as much as possible. If
you aren't smart enough to figure out my address from the above, I
probably don't want to hear from you anyway. :-)



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