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Release Notes: Taggle, a port of John Cowan's TagSoup package, was added. Taggle parses HTML as found in the wild, generating a well-formed stream of SAX events. The Taggle interface is identical to Arabica's XML parser, allowing HTML to be processed with XML tools.

Release Notes: This release includes the first release of Mangle, the Arabica XSLT engine. Still actively under development, mangle passes about 85% of the OASIS XSLT conformance test suite and covers most common cases. There are additional incremental improvements to the build system.

Release Notes: This release extends the XPath engine to support arbitrary strings types. It now runs std::string and std::wstring out of the box. A new dual DOM/Streaming parser has been added. By registering a callback function, partially built DOM trees can be processed, modified, manipulated, or even discarded before proceeding to build more of the tree. The test suite has been extended to include std::string, std::wstring, and a custom string type. The release also includes assorted minor bugfixes.

  •  15 Aug 2005 07:29

Release Notes: Arabica now includes an XPath engine which implements all of the XPath 1.0 recommendation with the exception of the id(o) and lang(s) functions. This initial release only supports DOM::Node<std::string>. The libxml2 declHandler for SAX is now zero initialized. The hasNamespaceURI and getNamespaceURI functions in DOM were fixed. Assorted compliance fixes and adjustments were made to ensure clean builds using gcc 3.3.3 and gcc 4.x.

  •  04 Sep 2002 07:26

Release Notes: This is the first 'full' Arabica release, which introduces a DOM Level 2 Core implementation, layered on top of the SAX2 implementation. Incremental improvements over the previous SAXinC++ release include an easier build process for the library, better MSXML support, verification with Xerces 2.1 and expat 1.95.4, and some minor bugfixes.

Release Notes: Interfaces are now parameterized on string type, allowing user-defined string types to be plugged in instead of std::string. The expat wrapper was improved to resolve external entities. The libxml wrapper upgraded to SAX2. InputSourceResolver includes an experimental HTTP resolver.

Release Notes: This release has full SAX2 interfaces, including namespace support and optional LexicalHandler and DeclHandler. Expat wrapper has been expanded to provide a full SAX2 interface. There is a SAX2 wrapper for the MSXML COM component (avoid those fiddly COM interfaces), a SAX1 wrapper for libxml, and assorted bugfixes. Interfaces are now templated on the char type, although source code is almost entirely backwards compatible with the May release.


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