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Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs in tabs, SawfishConfig, and more. New features include tiling and full compton integration, along with embedding external applications (trayer, xmodmap, xgamma, and more).

  •  13 Mar 2011 13:47

Release Notes: The apps-menu is now fully configurable via filters. EdgeActions have been added, providing a centralized structure to setting up actions for your screen-borders. The Tab-System has been greatly improved; manual adjustment of themes, for example, is no longer required. StyleTab is the new default theme, in favor of Crux. The following translations were updated: Spanish, Czech, German, Chinese (Simplified), Norwegian Bokmal, Slovenian, and French. Several minor bug fixes and documentation updates were made.

Release Notes: Installation was fixed for non-root users (private installations). The session files for KDE, GNOME, and XDM are now selectable via configure. A bug in interactive "call-command" was fixed.

  •  09 Oct 2010 11:35

Release Notes: The API of the prompt modules has changed. The NEWS file was updated with details on how to update your code. Several bugs have been fixed: maximized windows no longer overlap panels after Sawfish restarts and viewports are now always correctly initalized. Keyboard layout switching is now supported, Atom handling on 32-bit systems was fixed. Edge-flip now works after a resolution change. Start up when receiving a session ID was fixed. The draft animator was fixed. GNOME/KDE modules were improved and an XFCE module was added. New fixed-size and never-close window rules were added. Several unused and deprecated pieces of code were removed. The documentation and the Emacs major mode were removed.

Release Notes: This release fixes a possible compilation bug in prompt.jl. There is no need to upgrade if you could compile version 1.6.3.

  •  22 May 2010 17:55

Release Notes: Sawfish now has the ability to respond to XRandR events. The Tabbed-Windowing-System has been improved. Compilation with -DDEBUG now works. The FDO-menu implementation is now more robust. The instance name is now also accessible from WM_CLASS, as well as a new function for getting the PID of a window. The directory where the base Lisp-files reside is now also customizable (previously it worked only for non-base files). When pressing the lock-button, the state-change is now done accordingly. The documentation has been updated and improved. Xinerama is now an optional dependency.

  •  16 Feb 2010 12:45

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the fdo-menu implementation which prevented it from working when a malformed .desktop file was parsed. Also, a bug in the placement window-matcher has been fixed. New features include maximize-discard and jump-or-exec. The documents have been updated. The ebuild/specfile was improved. All ancient sawfish-themer fragments were removed.

  •  08 Jan 2010 22:34

Release Notes: The deb and RPM packaging scripts have been greatly improved. A typo in configure was corrected. A few small bugs in viewport handling were fixed. A bug that caused gnome-pager to not get the correct window/viewoport information has been fixed. The custom, ancient dlmalloc implementation, which has not been used for years, has been dropped.

Release Notes: Windows are restored on the correct Viewport. This release prevents crashing of sawfish under heavy load and fast window destruction. It prevents window crashing (at least the part where sawfish is at fault). Thanks to librep 0.90.2+, all UTF-8 issues are gone. Thanks to rep-gtk 0.90.0+, SawfishConfig (ex SawfishUI) has begun to refresh and un-deprecate. There is a set of new window-matchers and an improved window-matching architecture.

  •  12 Nov 2009 21:05

Release Notes: This release has a bugfix to prevent crashes for quick window destructions, especially under high load.


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