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Release Notes: This release brings tiling functionality, with two different tiling modes. Crux settings can now be changed again. Incorrect cursor definitions in configurator were fixed, which fixed crashes. Massive window sizes as seen in Firefox 17 were fixed, and grabbing keybindings in the configurator were fixed. The ability to auto-start (and setup) trayer, xmobar, xmodmap, xsettingsd, xgamm, pancake, and fehlstart was added.

  •  03 May 2011 21:18

Release Notes: This release improves the Edge-Actions configuration infrastructure, makes it fully deactivatible, and updates its documentation. It removes unneeded classes from command definitons, improves .desktop files, fixes uninstalling Sawfish, and improves Debian packaging scripts (broken at the moment). The following translations were updated: German, Spanish, Czech, Slovenian, and Malay.

Release Notes: Installation was fixed for non-root users (private installations). The session files for KDE, GNOME, and XDM are now selectable via configure. A bug in interactive "call-command" was fixed.

Release Notes: Windows are restored on the correct Viewport. This release prevents crashing of sawfish under heavy load and fast window destruction. It prevents window crashing (at least the part where sawfish is at fault). Thanks to librep 0.90.2+, all UTF-8 issues are gone. Thanks to rep-gtk 0.90.0+, SawfishConfig (ex SawfishUI) has begun to refresh and un-deprecate. There is a set of new window-matchers and an improved window-matching architecture.


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A multi-platform Zenity clone.


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A checking tool for gettext POT, PO, and MO files.