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savIRC is an IRC client for Linux, Unix, BSD, and Windows. It supports multiple server connections, SOCKS5 proxy, CTCP, DCC, passive DCC, ignore and notify lists, Unicode, mIRC colors, MDI dedicated windows, logs, customizable popups, pre-defined events, scripting in Tcl/Tk, captions for URL nicks, and channel names.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Mar 2007 08:06

    Release Notes: The savIRC handbook has been updated and converted to docbook. The source code has begun to be documented with ROBOdoc. A checkbox to hide automatic serverpings was added. /disconnect now stops autoreconnect. Chunks of text are broken into 400 chars or less and will be sent with a delay to prevent flooding. An alternate nick is used if the one tried is erroneous on the current ircd.

    •  13 May 2006 09:50

      Release Notes: Faster GUI handling, better multi-server support, a new DCC subsystem, a new Channel Settings window, a text highlighter, better external IP detection, desktop session support, Bluefish encryption, and support for SSL servers.

      •  02 Dec 2004 20:21

        Release Notes: This release merges the Unix and Windows code bases into one generic tree. Bugs are fixed in DCC, GUI, and user commands. New features: Unicode support, multilanguage support (currently only English is provided), halfop user status support, and more IRC commands are exposed to the user.

        •  29 Apr 2003 21:00

          Release Notes: Red highlighting for window buttons has been fixed. Buttons of the same network are grouped. New events for DCC, support for the 330 Undernet numeric, and support for the 328 Dalnet numeric have been added. Percentage in DCC transfers of big (>500Mb) files has been fixed. The way scripting variables are handled has been changed. There are many GUI improvements.

          •  20 Nov 2002 01:28

            Release Notes: This release adds support for multiple configuration, fixes resume requests, improves passive DCCs, supports backgrounds in a new way, improves the GUI, and autoaccepts DCCs with an autoaccept list.


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