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  •  12 Nov 2003 10:55

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with addMenu and File save/select dialogs (caused hanging of the "satedit" example). A "Script not found" dialog has been added for SATSHELL mode. An updated Linux executable has been created using the latest Freewrap (a bad version of Freewrap was accidentally used for 1.00.00).

  •  21 Oct 2003 02:28

Release Notes: This release has many new/enhanced features, including multiple (child) window handling, borders as "item containers", grids with check/radio buttons, colour icons, a more flexible toolbar layout, a hidden column for MuliList, and better contol over colour options and many more improvements.

  •  12 Sep 2002 14:04

Release Notes: A command (addText) has been added to create multi-line editable text fields or read-only text displays. In read-only mode, HTML style tags can be used to define text attributes, links, and actions. File "select" and "save" dialog boxes can be associated with buttons, toolbars, and menu options. A problem with handling data containing single/double quotes has been fixed.

  •  12 May 2002 11:53

Release Notes: All known bugs in the "pick list" have been fixed.

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