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SATGUI is a framework for developing simple GUI client/Unix server applications. It uses a simple, easy-to-learn screen layout language (SAT/DL). The backend applications can be developed in almost any character-based language (shell script/Perl/AWK/C/etc.), and a basic interface to MySQL databases (SATMYSQL) is also available.

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  •  22 Oct 2003 05:46

Release Notes: This release has many new/enhanced features, including multiple (child) window handling, borders as "item containers", grids with check/radio buttons, color icons, a more flexible toolbar layout, a hidden column for MultiList, better contol over color options, and many more improvements.

  •  12 May 2002 11:51

Release Notes: This release fixes all known bugs in the "pick list".

  •  10 Dec 2001 13:10

Release Notes: This release contains new SAT/DL commands (addGrid, addHotKey, addPickList, setFocus, and setItemState), new features including translations (basic multi-language support), connection to server without login prompt, save/restore screens within the client, and many smaller enhancements.

  •  05 May 2001 14:44

Release Notes: This release contains a server administration/monitor/control GUI, toolbar support (with balloon help), pop-up action confirmation dialog support, new inverse/bold/title/green/yellow options for addLabel, new green/yellow options for setMessage, a facility to pass a specified column of MultiList as a parameter, and bug fixes. Connection failure has been tidied up.


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