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SAS's Accounting Statistics

Sasacct fetches traffic stats via ipchains, ipfstat, iptables, pf, Cisco IP accounting, and SNMP. It makes mrtg-like graphics using rrdtool. A CGI interface is included for checking date-to-date traffic statistics and to generate on-the-fly graphics. It also includes support for fetching the necessary information remotely via a super-server (such as inetd or xinetd).


Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 2003 14:00

    Release Notes: This version includes a new CGI interface with username/password support and the ability to query a remote SNMP agent for interface counters based on interface description.

    •  14 Dec 2002 15:05

      Release Notes: This release adds minor changes to the HTML code and the CGI scripts. Iptables rules can now be added without specifying a target. Unknown values in the RRA are now rounded to zero.

      •  29 Jul 2002 17:42

        Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in showgraph.cgi (the graphic didn't show if gen_traff() didn't return traffic for the selected host but there was an .rrd file for it) and showtraf.cgi (when two equal dates were selected, graphics would be created with start data at 00:00:00 + 86000 sec.). A feature was added to showtraf.cgi for displaying values in bits per second and zooming the graphic. A complete rewrite of graph() function and support for graphs in bits per second were added.

        •  27 Mar 2002 18:49

          Release Notes: A fix for a design error (sasacct when run via super server doesn't report the hosts wich have zero traffic), a fix for a bug with get_remote() from sasacct accounting on pf, and a fix for a bug wich causes sasacct to create/update rrd file localy even if started via super-server.

          •  18 Mar 2002 15:27

            Release Notes: Remote logging on a central host is now possible. The '-e' option was added, which gets the data from a sasacct process running on a remote machine and stores it localy. The '-i' option was added, which causes sasacct to print its data, reset the counters, and return without logging. Support for running sasacct via a super-server such as inetd or xinetd was added.

            Recent comments

            15 Apr 2002 05:43 jcohen

            An excellent solution
            I wanted to create some bandwith usage charts for my (not so small) home network - this was definately the right tool to choose, MRTG would have been overkill.

            It was relatively easy to set up (some knowledge of iptables really helps) - install it, you'll be impressed

            25 Feb 2002 10:06 leshper

            deep in space
            simple & practical & fast


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