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Sanos is a minimalistic 32-bit x86 OS kernel for network server appliances running on standard PC hardware. The kernel implements basic operating system services like booting, memory management, thread scheduling, local and remote filesystems, TCP/IP networking, and DLL loading and linking. You can use Sanos as a small kernel for embedded server applications written in C. It has a fairly standard POSIX-based API and an ANSI Standard C library.


Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2012 23:12

    Release Notes: This is the 10th anniversary release of sanos. sanos now has an SDK for building applications under sanos. The secondary boot loader now uses the BIOS for loading the kernel. Support has been added for virtio block and network device drivers for paravirtualized device I/O. VMDK virtual disk image format support is now in mkdfs. This release contains many more fixes and changes.

    •  21 Oct 2005 08:20

      Release Notes: User management has been added to the kernel. The dfs file system now supports file permission and large files. A text editor, telnet daemon, and FTP daemon were added. The Sanos Visual Studio Wizard now supports creation of boot images.

      •  13 Aug 2005 07:48

        Release Notes: Improved POSIX compliance, an implementation of pthread, support for BSD/GPL dual licensing, raw sockets, a ping command, and better support for the java.nio package.


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