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SandSurfer is a Web-based Perl CGI application for time tracking and billing. It was developed to keep track of time for each employee on a per job/client basis and then to bill the appropriate amount. Each job and/or client can have a different billing rate. Employees can be paid different amounts per job and client. It features employee time sheet entry, auto clock in and auto clock out, gross wage calculations for each employee in a given time period, exporting of data to a file, and HTML invoice generation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jul 2006 18:17

    Release Notes: This release fixes an invoice total bug, an invoice search bug, and a version display bug. It streamlines the invoice process.

    •  02 Jan 2006 22:26

      Release Notes: Bugfixes in preparation for the upcoming Payroll rewrite.

      •  07 Jul 2004 21:45

        Release Notes: This release implements sessions for authentication and to prevent users from accessing your account after you log out (a bug introduced in version 1.7.0). The database interface is now using DBI instead of the Pg Perl module. The HTML code is now using the HTMLObject everywhere instead of the really old style output. The reporting engine is now XML-based, which allows for more control of what you see in a report, and the ability to export timesheet data, entities, users, jobs, and tasks as XML. Users can now edit some of their info.

        •  02 Mar 2004 22:47

          Release Notes: All known XSS vulnerabilities have been fixed, as well as minor bugs in the main menu (time display code) and the ss-entity-activity script.

          •  09 Feb 2004 23:48

            Release Notes: A security problem with user authentication has been fixed. A few screens have been cleaned up. Email notification of activity has been improved.


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