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Release Notes: Installation and Web site integration were simplified. The possibility to install via SFTP was added. Two new skins, green and yellow, were added. Built-in support was added for Joomla, Drupal, CRE Loaded, and Zen Cart Web applications. VoIP was replaced with Skype. User identification using Skype ID and calling customers via Skype are possible. Support for search engines was improved. New search engines were added. CAPTCHA protection was added for the "Leave a message" form. Usability, stability, and performance were improved.

Release Notes: An improved installation wizard that dramatically reduces installation efforts. The installation wizard now supports SFTP and passive FTP mode. Built-in integration with Joomla!, Drupal, CRE Loaded, and Zen Cart. Skype integration is used for VoiceIP. Improved search engine support. New search engines have been added. CAPTCHA protection in the 'leave a message' form. A "Contact us" form of X-Cart or LiteCommerce can be used instead of the standard Sales-n-Stats "Leave a message" form when the "Live help" button is off. Many other major and minor improvements in usability and performance.

Release Notes: A new embedded database driver handles larger volumes of data with no performance loss. Spell checking for online chat, the ability to monitor several Web sites at the same time, separate reporting for each monitored Web site, an option to disable collecting information about visitors from specified IP addresses (IP ignore list), storing push-actions in a visitor's communication history, and import/export of canned messages have been added. URLs in text messages are automatically replaced with highlighted links

Release Notes: This is the free edition of the Sales-n-Stats software. It is not limited by the time of usage, but the software will track only 400 pages pageviews each day, so pageviews exceeding this amount will be skipped. The number of chat sessions is limited to 8 chats per day. Voice chat with visitors is disabled in this free edition.


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