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Version 2006-03-21 of Sahi

Release Notes: Sahi Controller Window is opened by default. Script lines are highlighted when clicked from logs. API _cell(tableEl, someTextWhichIdentifiesRow, someTextWhichIdentifiesColumn) has been added. Documentation has been added, and demo HTML has been made more easily navigable.

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    Release Notes: This release uses Rhino as the scripting engine, thus moving most of the script execution to the proxy. This should go a long way in simplifying Sahi scripts. This build also has some important changes to the SocketPool, which will fix issues related to too many sockets being used and errors due to BindExceptions. Suite execution has been changed such that even if the browser crashes, the suite will continue with the next script and thus not hold up a build. DB methods now close connections properly.

    •  08 Mar 2008 04:39

    Release Notes: This release fixes multi-threaded playback on Firefox and adds features like custom event logging, assertion on print events, and better identification of spans and divs.

    Release Notes: Ths tool will now automatically wait during XHR AJAX requests in most cases. There is improved support for drag and drop. Bugs with_setFile, _confirm, etc. have been fixed. Tests will automatically be killed if the browser hangs for some reason.

    •  26 Nov 2006 07:38

      Release Notes: The following APIs have been added for AJAX applications: _keyPress(el, char); _focus(el); _keyDown(el, char); _keyUp(el, char); and _wait(max_time, condition). A bug relating to framesets having a frame named "top" has been fixed. Support for popup windows without names has been added.

      Release Notes: Functionality for mocking file uploads was added through the _setFile(_file("id"), filePath) API. A tool for toggling proxy on Internet Explorer through the command line or Ant was added. _expectConfirm(boolean) and _lastConfirm() APIs were added.


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      A Web-based translation server.