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SAGU, which is a portuguese acronym for "Sistema Aberto de Gestão Unificada", was originaly designed to automate all of what that happens between a student and their Educational Institution. This relationship happens at the academic, financial and administrative levels, and SAGU has subsystems dedicated to these levels. SAGU can be tailored to fit the needs of any Educational Institution.

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08 Mar 2003 11:18 Avatar cesarbrod

SAGU is used by more than a dozen Universities in Brazil
SAGU has evolved into a mature, stable university admin system, and is being now used and developed by more than a dozen Brazillian Universities. SAGU version 2, based on MIOLO ( is internationalization ready, and it is already being used by UFRR, the Federal University of Raraima, in the Amazon.

21 Nov 2001 07:16 Avatar cesarbrod

SAGU presented at the 5th Annual Linux Showcase
here to read the abstract.

here to download the full paper in PDF format.

21 Nov 2001 07:11 Avatar cesarbrod

SAGU saved US$ 500.000,00 for state owned university in Brazil
"By using SAGU, a free administrative program,
instead of proprietary software atop database
software such as Microsoft's SQL, Rio Grande do
Sul's state university has saved about

here to read the complete article on Business Week

21 Nov 2001 07:06 Avatar cesarbrod

Article on SAGU

Click here to read this article on SAGU on the
issue of the Linux Gazette


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