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  •  25 Nov 2012 17:53

    Release Notes: The checkbox to exclude CVS directories has been replaced with a text field where the user can specify a list of directories to exclude. By default, that list is "CVS .git .hg .svn". The application stores this list in the user's preferences.

    •  30 Oct 2012 02:38

      Release Notes: A Danish translation has been added.

      •  19 Jun 2010 20:14

        Release Notes: A Czech translation has been added.

        •  31 May 2010 05:24

          Release Notes: Compilation errors and warnings given by newer compilers have been fixed.

          •  21 Jan 2006 04:02

          Release Notes: This version should be compilable under GNOME 2.12 without modifications to the makefiles.

          •  08 Aug 2005 18:22

          Release Notes: This release adds a German translation and fixes a bug which, during a search, caused the "matching lines" label to be updated in the current tab instead of the tab where the search started.

          •  11 Jun 2004 21:45

          Release Notes: Result pages now start with a line that shows the search string used. The files in a directory are now searched in the alphabetical order of their name. A directory's regular files are now searched before its subdirectories are. The Serbian translation was updated.

          •  24 Oct 2003 23:14

          Release Notes: A new directory recursion depth field and a new tool bar button for erasing the search string field were added. Crashes are now avoided when closing the application while a search is active, or when closing the tab in which an active search is running.

          •  20 Oct 2003 09:57

          Release Notes: This version compiles correctly under g++ 3.3.

          •  31 Jul 2003 05:44

          Release Notes: A Russian translation of the dialogs was added.


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