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Safecat copies standard input to a qmail-style maildir as reliably and quickly as qmail itself. It can be used to deliver mail messages to qmail folders, or to spool data securely for later use by non-email-related applications. Safecat was originally written as a spooling utility for a CGI-based data collection application; it was inspired by the super-reliability of Dan Bernstein's maildir algorithm.


Recent releases

  •  01 Jul 2003 16:58

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that was introduced in version 1.10 which allowed garbage characters into filenames. Upgrading from 1.10 to 1.11 should be considered mandatory, while upgrading from earlier versions is optional.

    •  04 Jun 2003 08:43

      Release Notes: The newest maildir spec was implemented. Compatibility with new glibc versions that break errno was achieved, Red Hat 9.0 RPMs were created, and minor cleanups were made.

      •  04 Jun 2002 04:54

        Release Notes: An implicit cast caused incorrect timestamps under Solaris. Timestamps are now correct, and portable 64-bit integer support was also fixed.

        •  14 Apr 2001 12:35

          Release Notes: This release adds support for installation to nonstandard locations and an RPM distribution.

          •  10 Apr 2001 09:32

            Release Notes: Fixed path to tempfile in stat() call. Thanks to Erik Sjolund for helping.


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