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  •  09 Jun 2013 13:49

Release Notes: This minor release adds IFS to the list of environment variables to untaint.

  •  15 Oct 2009 11:38

Release Notes: This new version removes an unnecessary dependency on the English Perl module. This makes safe-rm more robust during upgrades of the Perl core packages.

  •  31 Oct 2008 23:36

Release Notes: The main change in this release is a fix for a bug that was preventing the root directory from being added to the list of protected paths. Safe-rm is now able to protect you from the infamous "rm -rf /".

  •  09 Sep 2008 07:32

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which caused safe-rm to skip the full blacklist checks when dealing with certain files and directories in the working directory. Previously, unless the argument you passed to safe-rm contained a slash, it would not get the real (absolute) path of the file before checking against the blacklist.


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