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  •  01 Apr 2011 21:43

Release Notes: It's not possible to disable listing of nodes that are denied read access by ACL. A few properties in CalDAV classes have changed from private to protected. Issue 119 has been fixed: terrible things could happen when relying on guessBaseUri, the server was running on the root of the domain, and a user tried to access a file ending in .php. This is a slight BC break. Issue 118 has been fixed: lock tokens in If headers without a URI should be treated as the request URI, not 'all relevant URIs.

  •  13 Feb 2011 09:17

Release Notes: Support was added for big chunks of RFC3744 (ACL), with a couple of exceptions. Support for CalDAVProxy (calendar delegation) was added. All "principal" related functionality has been moved from Sabre_DAV_Auth to the new Sabre_DAVACL package. The Sabre_VObject package was added for easy iCalendar parsing. Sabre_CalDAV_ICSExportPlugin was added for supporting the "Subscribe to calendar" feature found in some calendaring tools. Many more bugs were fixed.

  •  10 Sep 2009 19:10

Release Notes: The browser plugin now shows multiple {DAV:}resourcetype values if available. An experimental PDO backend for Locks Manager has been added. Sending Content-Length: 0 for every empty response has been fixed. This improves NGinx compatibility. The last modification time is reported in UTC, which improves Finder compatibility.

  •  11 Aug 2009 21:31

Release Notes: This project is now in beta. The PEAR package no longer includes a docs/ directory. This just contained RFCs, which are publicly available. This reduces the package from ~800k to ~60k. generatePropfindResponse now takes a baseUri argument. ResourceType property can now contain multiple resourcetypes. Issue 13 has been fixed.


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